December 17, 2020

Author: Bill Burton

Ozzie and Harriet and David and RICKEE!

Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and their two sons were not a typical American family, they were the All-American Family. The American Broadcasting Company’s Saturday night sitcom was as much an American tradition as Sunday morning church. Enjoy this postcard history look-back.

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I Never Met a Man I Didn’t Like

This epigram sums up what people saw in Will Rogers — honesty, plain-spokenness, and decency. Rogers’ shy grin and aw-shucks manner were the heart of his charm, propelling him from a vaudeville cowboy act to stardom in the Ziegfeld Follies, movies, newspapers, and radio where he would gently lampoon everything. “All I know is what I read in the newspapers,” he said.

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Factories that Printed Postcards

When the postcard craze struck, across America and around the world dozens of printing companies wanted to get their slice of the postcard pie. This feature highlights eight of the American firms that printed postcards. Some enjoyed huge profits, but others closed as the Golden Age of Postcards faded into history.

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Two DelMarVa Sketch Artists and Their Postcards

Each generation has its own sketch artists who use pencils, charcoals, pastels, chalks, and crayons to render hometown scenes, rural vistas, and family events in sketchbooks that are cherished by a cadre of descendants. This article by Bill Burton, Postcard History’s publisher, highlights two such practitioners of pencil art who lived and worked in a special part of the country – the DelMarVa peninsula. Keep watch in Postcard History’s “In A Few Words” section; you will soon discover a new series highlighting postcards featuring sketch art from across America.

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The Amazing Output of Cobb Shinn

As World War I loomed, a varied group of talented Indiana illustrators, comic artists, and cartoonists were beginning their careers. While none of these Hoosiers are household names today, Cobb Shinn of Indianapolis became the most prolific and collectible postcard artist of the group.

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Balanced Rocks and Other Improbable Formations

Scattered across the world are rock formations that seem too good to be true — rocks precariously balanced on other rocks, seeming to defy gravity. There are those who says aliens put them there, while others say it was glaciers or erosion. Decide for yourself.

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The Maud Adams You Don’t Know

Maude Adams (not Maud Adams the Bond Girl, she doesn’t have the “e”) was an astonishingly successful stage actor who burst onto the New York stage in 1896 with J. M. Barrie’s The Little Minister and in 1905 played the title role in Barrie’s Peter Pan. Alphonse Mucha painted her. She toured with her own troupe and retired in 1918 from the effects of the Great Influenza Epidemic.

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