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First Sunday Mystery Card

Postcard History’s first mystery card is a real-photo of a foot bridge that spans a blockaded railroad crossing. It may have been the case that the street-level crossing was barricaded after the bridge was built. It has a New England feeling about it, but it could be anywhere.

Look closely, you will see that one flight of 19 steps takes the crosser to a landing at the top of the first pier that is likely 14 feet high. The second flight of 20 steps rise an additional 15 feet to the top of the second pier that may be 29 to 30 feet tall and on which the deck that is estimated to be 65 to 70 feet wide rests. Perhaps wide enough to span two track beds.

Estimations suggest the structure is 30 to 34 feet tall. The linear measurement of the stairs may add an additional 16 to 20 feet to the overall width, bringing it to nearly 100 to 120 feet wide.

These calculations are based on the average step being nine or ten inches high, and the side-panels on the deck being perhaps four feet wide and five feet tall.

The mystery is, “Where is it?” or “Where was it?”

If you know, please email Postcard History, and solve the mystery.

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Gordie Chamberlin
16 days ago

Their seems to be writing in a foreign language on the top of the bridge. What does it say?

15 days ago

It’s a pedestrian bridge over railroad tracks.

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