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  • It isn’t déjà vu, but I guess it’s close.

    It isn’t déjà vu, but I guess it’s close.


    A rug gallery in Paris sells the dust from its valuable carpets? Here’s the story.

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  • It’s Old Home Week!

    It’s Old Home Week!


    Small towns in New England and the Mid-Atlantic lost population as westward migration and the lure of factory work drew young people away. Old Home Week attempted to lure them back.

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  • I’d Rather Fight than Switch

    I’d Rather Fight than Switch


    Selling tobacco with a symbol (the tobacco-store indian statue) or a slogan (“I’d rather fight than switch”) has a long and storied history. But “I’d rather fight than switch” wasn’t original with the old Taryton brand. Here’s the story.

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  • It’s Yours for FREE!

    It’s Yours for FREE!


    Offers of free gifts that motivate customers to become involved with a product or brand is not the invention of internet advertisers. Advertising postcards have been around since the start of the postcard era. During the 1950s and 1960s, postcards offering free gifts were popular as a “business-to-customer” method of sales communication. The emergence of…

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Daniel Hennelly


Football season is upon us! Americans go crazy-nuts over football every fall when we return to school, where teams are formed, and every game on every campus is an excuse to have a party. A playwright once described the sport as “little wars, fought by friends.” Go, Team!!

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