August 31, 2020

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It’s Yours for FREE!

Sharon Wolf

It's Yours for Free!

A Look at Mid-Century Advertising Postcards

Offers of free gifts for motivating customers to become involved with a product or brand is not the invention of internet advertisers. Advertising postcards have been around since the start of the postcard era in the early 1900s.

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I’d Rather Fight than Switch

Bob Toal

I’d Rather Fight than Switch

I remember the TV and magazine ads of the 1960s by Tareyton cigarettes picturing a smoker with a black eye touting, “Us Tareyton smokers would rather fight than switch!”

An example from a magazine ad is shown in Figure 1.  Presumably this ad

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It’s Old Home Week!

Bill Burton

It’s Old Home Week!

The twin pulls of urban industrialization and westward migration that overtook America after the Civil War was devastating to many small towns in New England and the  Middle Atlantic States. In the four decades ending in 1900, despite massive European immigration, the population of

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Galerie Chevalier, London, Paris, Rome

It isn’t déjà vu, but I guess it’s close.

Ray Hahn

It isn’t déjà vu,
but I guess it’s close.

Until I found this postcard, I knew nothing about the Chevalier Gallery in Paris.

Galerie Chevalier is a carpet store. Well maybe a bit more than a carpet store. Chevalier has been in business since the late 1700s. They

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