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  • The Norfolk Coach at Christmas

    The Norfolk Coach at Christmas


    The Norfolk Coach at Christmas is an East-Anglian retelling of Charles Dickens’s 1843 novella, A Christmas Carol. This campy, out-of-town version has no ghosts. It does, however have a rich-man and a very smart beggar.

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  • Earning Your Living in the British Empire

    Earning Your Living in the British Empire


    “Earning a Living” are words that mean something different to everyone. Here are some ways that those who live in the British Empire do it. Occupation postcards are abundant and fun to collect, this example of workers trimming sponges is a good sample.

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  • The Ripon Hornblower

    The Ripon Hornblower


    Tradition and pageantry are hallmarks in many civilizations, but in the eyes of most others, tradition in England is especially important and the English have a long and glorious experience with pageantry. The Ripon Hornblower may not be well known but it has been ongoing for over a thousand years.

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