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  • The Hotel Delaware

    The Hotel Delaware

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    [elementor-template id=”3378″] The Hotel Delaware It will soon be summer, a time that conjures memories of the fun filled days of our youth. Ask almost anyone who lives within two hundred miles of the Jersey Shore if they remember what it was like, and you will likely hear stories of weeklong vacations in Asbury Park,…

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  • Postcards of My Boyhood Home by Pat Dyer

    Postcards of My Boyhood Home by Pat Dyer


    [elementor-template id=”3378″] Pat Dyer Postcards of My Boyhood Home Hometown postcard collectors dream of finding postcards showing their childhood home. I was excited to find such a card while at a local auction house. I saw a real-photo card with a caption, “Rising Sun, Del.” in the bottom left corner. Rising Sun is home to…

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The Grimm’s folk tale, The Wishing Table revisits the Uvachrom company with a salute, not an encore. A Uvachrom set of the lesser-known tale has been found and the art, by the early 20th century German illustrator Georg Mühlberg, is equally spectacular in its detailed and painterly presentation.

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