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  • “Black Sunday” and the 1935 Dust Storm

    “Black Sunday” and the 1935 Dust Storm


    The comparison of historic eras is an extreme chore. We read history and think, how terrible that must have been. Maybe in 2080 or 2140 historians will look back and say the same about our pandemic. The great dust storms of the 1930s may have been hard to endure, but other events since then cause…

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  • Three Famous Kansans

    Three Famous Kansans


    Famous people often live in huge and glorious houses that can be found on postcards. Found in cities and states across the country, homes of the famous are always curious attractions. Here is a glance at the homes of three famous Kansans.

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Bill Burton


As industrialization took hold in the last half of the nineteenth century, factory owners needed new houses for the workers. Pullman, Illinois planted the seed, but when the Great Depression hit and Franklin Roosevelt became President, Greenbelt, Maryland brought the ideal of large-scale housing and social planning development to fruition. Greenbelt was derided as “social engineering” but it proved that well-planned new towns could be built and thrive.

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