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  • Poster Postcards Part IIIFresh Air for the Children

    Poster Postcards Part III

    Fresh Air for the Children

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    The British author, Kipling, wrote something to the effect that scents are stronger than sights and sounds to make the heart strings crack. This may be the adage [as paraphrased] which proves why many adults can remember the smell in grandma’s kitchen as she baked apple pies. Or lilac and honeysuckle blooms in Spring. Or…

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  • Poster Postcards Part IVArthur Wragg

    Poster Postcards Part IV

    Arthur Wragg


    Arthur Wragg died in 1976 at age 73. His life was lived in a totally slapdash fashion. He possessed no organizational skills. He was a troubled youth, having been born in a suburb of Manchester, England on January 3, 1903, then raised in Harrogate with his older sister, Amy. His father was a Lively Polly…

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  • Poster Postcards Part XThe US Navy Visits Australia

    Poster Postcards Part X

    The US Navy Visits Australia

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    U. S. Fleet Visits Australia The year before President Theodore Roosevelt left office, he dispatched the U. S. Navy’s Atlantic Fleet on an around the world tour. Twenty-eight ships and 14,000 men left port in Hampton Ponds, Virginia for South America, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, Malaya, and back home through Suez and the Straits of Gibraltar. One of the…

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Don Preziosi
Storefront postcards would seem to be the bailiwick of a local views collector, but as a separate topic within the linen genre of cards there are some very interesting architectural, social, cultural, and even some biographical elements of stories that may never be told. Every card in the essay suggests a question, like “Who was Aunt Jennie?”

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