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  • The Mansfield Bar

    The Mansfield Bar


    The press said Jayne Mansfield was decapitated when her car rear-ended a semi. It wasn’t true, but a movement arose to put safety bars on the rear of every truck. And they’re called . . .

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  • Poster Postcards Part VIIII Tre Conti

    Poster Postcards Part VIII

    I Tre Conti

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    One of the most fascinating features of posters is how they communicate a great deal of information in very few words. The featured card for this episode of In A Few Words is to be a true test of this principle of communications. The card has only three words on it, repeated in translation to six because…

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Past Article

Edward Cleveland
Time passes and so does comedy. What was funny decades ago may leave the modern teen scratching his head, but for the person who remembers Lum and Abner, their comedy never ages.

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