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  • Where Was It Made? – Part VI – Sheets

    Where Was It Made? – Part VI – Sheets

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    Did you sleep on “Pepper Mill” sheets when you were a kid? No? Neither did I, but that’s what we called them. Pepperell was a brand name of the sheets my mother bought. My family loved them for one reason – unlike other brands, Pepperell sheets did not make those little pills of lint that…

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  • Cannon Mills

    Cannon Mills


    Cannon Mills was the largest manufacturer of towels and sheets in the world. From Dog Patch to Park Avenue, Cannon, as a branded product, was as universal as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Ford.

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Bob Teevan


It’s a hoax! We hear about hoaxes every day, and in this silly season of “hate-politics” the public learns of them through social media. But, not long ago, the hoax was not much more than sport. The Cambridge hoax was talked about in newspapers and on postcards.

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