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  • Where Was It Made?– Part VI –Sheets

    Where Was It Made?
    – Part VI –

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    Did you sleep on “Pepper Mill” sheets when you were a kid? No? Neither did I, but that’s what we called them. Pepperell was a brand name of the sheets my mother bought. My family loved them for one reason – unlike other brands, Pepperell sheets did not make those little pills of lint that you would…

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  • Cannon Mills

    Cannon Mills


    Cannon Mills was the largest manufacturer of towels and sheets in the world. From Dog Patch to Park Avenue, Cannon, as a branded product, was as universal as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Ford.

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Ray Hahn
You, the artist-signed postcard enthusiast will be pleasantly surprised if you have not encountered Lester Ralph. This son of the world-famous war correspondent, Julian Ralph has his own story of war and the pleasures of life. He also knew the delight of being married to a beautiful woman who loved to joke about the gap between her two front teeth.

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