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  • G. W. Bonte’s Tuck Postcards

    G. W. Bonte’s Tuck Postcards


    Stan Davidson died at his Massachusetts home in 2012 and left his postcard friends to wonder how we would ever replace him. So far, it hasn’t happened. If you knew Stan, you were aware that Stan was the most deliberate checklist writer of anyone in our hobby. He was born in Maine, educated at the…

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  • Admire Her Beauty, for a biography is wanting

    Admire Her Beauty, for a biography is wanting


    It appears that there is no American postcard of Miss Mabel Hirst. In the UK, yes, but no Americans. Which is a shame because, as you can see, she was a great beauty. And mysterious, because there is no biography. Which makes her all the more interesting to try to collect.

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  • A Day at the Burnham Beeches

    A Day at the Burnham Beeches


    Collecting sets of postcards can be both a thrill and an anguish. The emotions are strongest when you find a set you knew nothing about, but the images remind you of a wonderful experience. Such was the case with the cards of Raphael Tuck & Sons set #6219.

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The April 2021 Postcard History Quiz  Postcard History welcomes you to April. This is the fourth in the 2021 series. If you participated in previous quizzes and youare working toward our 2021 Postcard History Know-It-All Certificate, click here to see your current score. At Work in America The deadline for this quiz will be 11:59 […]

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