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  • Nobody Collects View Folders

    Nobody Collects View Folders


    We all know that view folders are the step-children of the Postcard King and Queen. Folders will never receive the Card of the Year Award. Why do folders get so little respect? Many collectors express varied ideas, but a reasonable answer is, no one knows. If there is anyone who has a better notion, he…

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  • Where Was It Made– Part XII –Postcards

    Where Was It Made
    – Part XII –

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    Curt Teich was born in Germany on March 23, 1877. He came to the United States in 1893, settled in Chicago, founded Curt Teich & Company in 1898, married Anna Niether in 1899, and had five children. Made millions of dollars making and selling postcards, retired, moved to Bellaire, Florida, and died on January 12,…

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  • Factories that Printed Postcards

    Factories that Printed Postcards


    When the postcard craze struck, across America and around the world dozens of printing companies wanted to get their slice of the postcard pie. This feature highlights eight of the American firms that printed postcards. Some enjoyed huge profits, but others closed as the Golden Age of Postcards faded into history.

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  • Cecil Cornish

    Cecil Cornish

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    As far back as anyone remembers, Cecil Cornish and his parents, Boyd (known to his friends as Bo) and Lizzie Cornish listed themselves as farmers. Boyd was born in Kentucky. Lizzie was a daughter of a Missouri farmer. There were some hard times in the 1870s and during those years the Cornish family made their…

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Ray Hahn

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Viewers of National Public Television will remember the Selfridge mini-series, Mr. Selfridge, The main character, played by Jerome Pivins captured our hearts with his antics that made us laugh and cry.

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