September 21, 2020

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Postcards Define the Indescribable

Imagine yourself a tourist in Paris in 1907. You are touring the world’s most vibrant city, but you feel an obligation to send word home. Do you send a postcard or write a letter? You will likely decide to send a postcard. And you may find the most indescribable site in Paris will be in the most famous church in the city.

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An Unassuming Postcard has Historical Significance

There are two piece of American history that will fascinate historians forever: the Civil War and America’s involvement in World War II. These events were measures of every character trait found in mankind. Honor, courage, fear, justice, integrity, greed, hatred, forgiveness, tolerance, valor and audacity are only a few adjectives that describe the generations of men who fought in these wars. History was cruel to many, but fair and compassionate to others. Learn about a man challenged by history but lived and talked about it.

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The Bird Charmer at Tuileries Gardens

Being a bird charmer is not a normal profession but, if you live in Paris, there is a much greater chance that you could actually make a living charming mankind’s feathered friends.

The Tuileries Gardens near the Louvre was the perfect place for Henri Pol to ply this trade.

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